*This property was purchased by the listing broker who saw its beautiful craftsmanship & level of detail , matching the highest offer and waiving commission

146% property appreciation, 24.52% investor return


the process


Red Rock Equities purchased this mid-century, 1100 square-foot property situated in the heart of the sought-after Camelback 24th St Corridor.  Located on an older CMU block, this easily-overlooked ranch, built in 1956, showcased standard sized bedrooms, a small kitchen area, an unspectacular living room and laundry area attached to a single carport.

Eyeing the hidden possibilities of the home, we embarked on a complete remodel with a contemporary flair, adding another 1100 square-feet, doubling the livable area.

In addition to redesigning the whole interior, we created a modern floor plan with a natural flow, transforming the entire space by manipulating the existing elements to fuse with the contemporary state-of-the-art design, leaving no trace of the outdated while avoiding excessive, costly overhauls.

We replaced the old ceiling drops and textures with a crisp, one-level ceiling throughout the home while replacing passé interior walls with smooth finishes and sharp corners.  With the installation of six-inch baseboards and new, insulated dual-glazed windows, our team evoked a fresh, luxurious look and feel throughout the space, while an added separate entrance to the master suite exuded the aura of a peaceful retreat.  After insulating the garage, we went a step further by adding solar tubes, increasing the natural light in the home and enhancing the overall design.  Adding to the cutting-edge quality of the space, new high R-value insulation replaced all the old insulation, boosting energy efficiency.  Finally, the great room remodel opened the space to reveal the kitchen and dining room areas, giving the home a sense of warmth and avant-garde appeal.

With an expert eye, we took advantage of the home’s potential and transformed the space into a truly inviting, stylish house that today’s modern family would love to own.


Deal Metrics


At Purchase

Purchase Price $195,000
Renovations $172,000


At Sale

Sold in Aug 2016
Sale Price $475,000


Appreciation Rate - 146%    •    Investor Return - 24.52%